Tuesday, January 20, 2009

your mother should know I am the walrus

Ladies n Gentlemen,
here are some sketches, mostly from winter break.
there shall be more soon, once I colour/shade them.


kathryn durst said...

guh, all your faces are just so awesome. 'specially the coloured ones. they're like jelly beans

Bev said...

noaaamoammmam..haha MAM! Anyways...I really enjoy your style so keep doing what you dooo...Im so corny!! But the faces are CRAZY, i love it, especially the.....okay nevermind, I was gonna say the last one, oh and the third and the second..I might as well just shut up...I could really see a cartoon with your style..plus they are just so interesting to look at, all the detail..so much detail...Your doodles alone must be insane.

Bigmac said...

Like kathryn just said, I would eat those faces Noam. Very delicious.

Nicole said...

awesome as always noam!