Thursday, September 24, 2009

hot babes and sexy cowboys

watercolour and ink
the colours are kinda off, her face should be more green.

oh dear,
orangutans are near,
full of fear,
i cant reach my rear,
might as well chug my beer
and touch a deer.


Katie said...

Old woman is totally rad. Really awesome with the water colour. The pen work on the cowboy is great; I love the texture of his pants.

Anonymous said...

for being that old she has abnormally perky breasts.

oh it's sasha by the way! :O

sussman said...

thanks katie, im probaaably gonna do more ink stuff soon, which i havent really done in months.

sasha, you smell funny, but anyway old tits are the best..

thea said...

the abnormally perky boobies frighten me and so does her face but i wish to have her body when i'm her age.

which will be in 200yrs bwahahaha