Wednesday, December 16, 2009

animation + storyboarding leica!

subliminally sublime submarines subtracted by a subway sandwich subdued by some sort of subtle sexual subjects.

expression change animation
"No Beer"

storyboarding leica reel with sound
(contains sexy scenes which may not be suitable for younger audiences)


Justin Hartley said...

I definitely lolled at your animation, awesome stuff Noam hahaha!

Nicole Kozak said...

ahahaha both were soooo goood! love them :)

sussman said...

thanks peeeps :)

Keelamari said...

Yessssss now I can watch them over and over again!

ALane said...

lmao, these are so dope.
Love the style.

Dan Sprogis said...

Dude this is some twisted shit!! Love the Eiffel tower scene though LOL