Wednesday, March 10, 2010

steamy hot sh1t

potosop payntun'
anyone else got the notorious concave anti-boner?


kathryn durst said...


Bigmac said...

OMg awesome haha. I love how your super-rendered one turned out, and I'm seriously loving your bg for painting. SERIOUSLY thats fucking sick bro! What the faaack are you on about spouting this, "I'm not improooooviiiiiing" shat haha.

Rachelle Reyes said...

hahaha the second one looks like a screen shot of a cartoon.. like a Rocko's Modern Life thing. hot stuff noam :)

jriggity said...


this is great man..ha!


michellewoodward said...

hey this is a great site! your style is very reminiscent of the cartoons i watched when i was younger and its great to see that kind of stuff in the present!

L Partington said...

So good.

sussman said...

thanks kids
ian-youre crazy

rachelle - thats quite the compliment, i think rocko's modern life is crazier though haha

michelle - if you see this, you should add contact info to your site in case someone wants to contact you for a commish :) and thanks for the comment

fishington - you smell