Monday, April 12, 2010

orange mustache

here's a short flash animation i made on friday

character in sequence:


Celia said...

haha! i love your stuff dude!!! that animation just made my day :)

kathryn durst said...


i lovethe colour and hte music. its so deep

sussman said...

thanks ladies.

kathryn - did you use the word deep so i could make a vagina joke?

Lwang said...

ooooo flash animation of doom and horror! 0_0 how do you get time this year around to do this?!! its wonderful tho

sussman said...

haha good point, there is absolutely no way of making anything NOW with the amount of work that we have, but last friday I had some free time, and this really only took about 3-4 hours. obviously the drawings arent super finished and the animation is very limited and contains many cycles and repeated shots. and when i started i didnt really have a story in mind, i kinda made it up as i went along. at first it was just gonna be a guy playing along to that song. and then i expanded by asking myself - wouldnt it be funny if... and now im just typing too much cuz im the middle of writing my essay haha but yeah it was fun to make :)