Saturday, June 26, 2010




Ian MacDonald said...

yo yooo sick man. Your designs are awesome.

Im gonna be a bit nitpicky haha.

The first one I think has a little bit too confusion visually with the horizontal-lined orange bg and the blue of the character. There's a lot of push/ pull and the focus on the character would benefit from more simplicity, like your 3rd piece.

The second is sick, nuff said.

The 3rd is coo, but I feel like the heart could use a little more poop I mean pop to push it out of the bg a little more. Also, the shading on the dude's chin/ neck I think would look sicker if maybe it were connected to some of the shading caused by the lines of his face.

Super nitpicky, but hope that helps yo! Also, really dig the previous post- new Noamstyle is emerging!

Shen Ramu said...

very nice, very nice!
they're all great!
i agree with Ian bout making the heart pop more in the third one (and maybe poop a little) so it's not as similar to the bg..however, i actually like the business of the first one (the confusion i think workd with the charater's confusion).. and the constrasting blue and orange is wicked! but that's where it gets into personal prefrences i think..

sussman said...

thanks kids! i like constructive criticism and i definitely agree/see what youre saying :)