Friday, June 18, 2010

Fred (comic)

ladies and genitals,
here's a short comic that'll be made into a zine.
needless to say...full view!


el said...

These remind me of Roger Langridge.
Neat stuff.

kathryn durst said...

omg the bloood

hahahaha noam lets be friends

sussman said...

i thought we Were friends :'(
thanks for the comments kids :)
stay in school, dont do drugs

Nicole Kozak said...

Noam this is great!

I love each and every drawing <3

Melissa said...


Am I allowed to speak for all women and say that the blood was captured perfectly? D: LOL

L Partington said...

Very nice, Noam C: You inspire me, you pervert.

ALane said...

hahaha awsome!...i feel gritty and i'm sweating shame, but i think it's a good thing. keep on drawing mr. knome;)

Dani Woods said...

dude, thats sick. but so very awesome