Friday, October 29, 2010

family in acrylic

Hello good people!
so its reading week and I've had time to have some fun with acrylic! so I took apart some cardboard boxes that were taking up space, gessoed them and did these pieces. most of them are pretty quick...havent done one of my dad yet.

my brotha

a more caricatured one of my brother

mom and sister
my sister and my uncle



Nicole Kozak said...

These are so great!!

Especially the 2nd one of your brother, and your sister + uncle ones. Love seeing your paintings - post more :D

kathryn durst said...

these are awesome.
your family is sexy
i like the one of your sis
and your grandma

they should all have noam fros though

Lauren Partington said...

Love the solo one of your mum. So cute, looks very much like her C: