Friday, November 5, 2010


hello people of the earth
dylan, ian, jeremy, spencer and i went to the ottawa film fest, saw a bunch of awesome films, and some artsy fartsy ones that made us cry, and we ran into some sketchy people who wanted our money, blood or genitals... but overall it was pretty great. here are a few sketches that do not illustrate what the trip was like

the gang

duffy and bondy

sexy fat man reading the paper

my character for action analysis which i surprisingly forgot to post earlier


Keelamari said...

That Spencer :D

Chenny said...

great caricatures! i really wanna see your AA after seeing who your character is..looks super funny!

Rachelle Reyes said...

hahahah i like the caricatures of the 5 of you guys! :)

Celia said...

haha so sweet dude! i love the caricatures of you guys as well. they're bang on. good stuff!

kathryn durst said...

AHAHAHAH OMG. i love the first one of all you guys! so hilarious!!! dylans head looks so squishy

glad your genitals survived in one piece

Shen Ramu said...

"The Gang" is super fantastic! you captured them exactly, love it!