Monday, January 17, 2011

good days

marker life drawings

this model was a caveman

some kids from class

some franks and kyles

jeremy, caroline, dubetaaa

cafe sketching

kids from class, sketching in life drawing class. cal, kirsten, s.p, and titus

cafe drawing

tony and lisa, drawing in the same sketchbook

experimenting with val's face, losing likeness and what not


kathryn durst said...

i'm so serious you are improving so much dude!

you should give DQ that drawing its amazing

Kevin Williams said...

Your caricatures are top-notch. Especially the frank ones. lol
Actually I'm down with this whole post. I really like all the marker handling, especially in the lifedrawing, for clothes and such.

Jeremy Bondy said...

that DQ is awesome man! and true

sussman said...

thanks a lot guys!

Skim said...

I like the franksandkyles