Thursday, March 31, 2011


went sketching with some cool people

cheyenne, scott and ben

gyimah, dylan, kathryn, keely, lisa, nicozak

scott forbes

benjamin anders

crude drawing of ben, scott, cheyenne, laurel, ashlyn and gyimah

here are less racist gyimah sketches....from facebook pictures

racism is horrible


Scott Forbes said...

hahaha so amazing

Perin McLean said...

Ahhahahahahahahahhahahaha i love the one where gyimah looks like a burnt match with lips
the first scott is amazzinggg. i love those shark teeth

hhahaha noam your my favorite

kathryn durst said...

lmao your gyimahs are amazzzing
and your scott ones with the teeth are horrifying

Benjamin said...

Haha...these are great! Love Cheyenne's and Scott's teeth in the group drawing.

Chenny said...

how did you know i hid vibrators in my hair?! ah, secrets out...

these are sooo funny, you really know how to make a girl feel special haha, but seriously, these are super great, keep it up hot stuff

nideep said...

u've got great style man!!