Tuesday, March 15, 2011

high heels and brains

this is an idea im pitching for next year - though im not likely to use it, but i enjoyed making it anyway.
its about an old senile man named Eugene who accidently wears his daughter's high heels and on his way out of her apartment he bumps into his midget neighbor who falls down the stairs to his death.
Eugene freaks out and ends up putting the dead midget's body in a happy meal box and takes him out to the car. He drives away and starts eating him limb by limb, but by the time he gets to the brain, he is too full, and so he pulls over by a lake and kicks the brain into the water. The next day, forgetting about the brain, he goes back to the lake with his daughter and grandson. They sit and relax at the beach, Eugene's drinking his beer, his daughter's tanning, and her kid is building a sandcastle by the water.
Suddenly the midget brain swims up to shore, develops a face, and limbs, takes over the kid's body, and eats Eugene.

an excuse for an environment drawing

eating midget limbs

eugene's "posessed" grandson about to attack him


kathryn durst said...

this is so fucking awesome

sussman said...

haha thanks dude bro man guy buddy ol' pal