Tuesday, March 8, 2011


corkscrew man, popcorn clouds, basketball island, pineapple trees, whoopi goldberg's dreads , whaleskin water

random car designs

old man & bijan


Chenny said...

haha love that Bijan! also can i live on that island too?

Keelamari said...

Awesome car designs!

Perin McLean said...

oh god the corkscrew one.
soooo amazing
i think i am now pregnant.

sussman said...

hahahahaha thanks guys! perin youre one funny mothafucka

kathryn durst said...

i LOOOVE these.
especially wine cork man. he looks like chris walsh. LOL WHOOPI TREES

your cars are cute
go noam

Ted Blackman said...

Hey Noam, you're sketching is funny. I like! The snout mobile in the lower left corner just slays me. HA!

sussman said...

haha thank you!