Monday, August 15, 2011

gym bits

yay colour

noam at the gym
this man looked like a tim bit


Seo Kim said...

i love timbit man, mmmmm makes me so hungry.

kathryn durst said...

hahahahaha these are hilarious omg

i love the giant manpecs
you forgot to draw your boobs too


Cheyenne said...

hahaha the steak tattoo is great! this is awesommee

Dylan said...

love the treatment on the first one aesthetically, love the treatment on the second one mentally. made me laugh. and the steak tattoo, pure hormonal electricity. in a good way.

Celia said...

i echo the love of the steak tattoo. pretty sure I've seen that guy around... also, the head to body ratio is spot on.

and love tim bit man!!

Nicole Kozak said...

so . much. awesome!!! :D love love love. I love the colours on timbit maaan :D

Noam Sussman said...

haha im getting a steak tattoo on my ass, thanks guys :)